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our six-step process

At ABR, conducting research is a thoughtful and collaborative process that is organized around the following principles:

  1. Diagnose
  2. Translate
  3. Design
  4. Audit
  5. Interpret
  6. Actionalize”
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Various professionals enter this process at different points – some need help clarifying (diagnosing) what they need to know while others just need help translating these needs into research objectives. Still others with experience in doing research have clearly formulated research objectives and can provide insight into design issues, and those most familiar with research design use ABR's expertise to oversee data collection and provide insightful analysis and reporting.

At whatever point you are, ABR is ready and able to guide you through the process.


ABR's six steps in depth

step 1 icon the diagnose step

Critical to the process of conducting good research is understanding both the content of what is needed and the context in which the results will be viewed.

  • What is it that you need to know?
  • Why are you doing research?
  • How will you use the results?

The answers to these questions help drive the development of the research effort.

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step 2 icon the translate step

With a clear understanding of the business questions to be answered, ABR works with you to translate your business questions into research needs.

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step 3 icon the design step

With an understanding of your research objectives, ABR custom designs a research strategy that optimizes the balance between the information you need and the resources you are able to commit. While we are experienced in a wide range of standard studies, ABR excels at “thinking outside the box” to custom design a research strategy that suits your needs perfectly.

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step 4 icon the audit step

It’s not enough to just field a study, the data collection process requires constant monitoring to ensure that any mid-course corrections can be implemented easily while the project is in field. This allows you to “tweak” the project to ensure the maximum return on your investment.

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step 5 icon the interpret step

Understanding the context of gathered data (i.e., the market landscape) is key to interpreting results. At ABR, we have a wealth of market research experience in a variety of industries.

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step 6 icon the “actionalize” step

The bottom line is you get results you can really use. You’ll receive customized research reports that address the specific needs of the end audience.

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