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On occasion, some of our clients take the time to tell us what they like about working with ABR...

"I have a lot of respect for ABR and their work. I have never felt that the customer is always right; I would much rather have a research partner who will challenge my thinking and make suggestions to improve the ultimate product. ABR has always done that and ultimately, the research methodology, instruments, and tools have been superior quality because of their strategic thinking and recommendations."
Robin Segbers Vice President of Healthcare Marketing, Point to Point
"I have worked with agencies varying in size from 1 man bands to global scale, and I must say that ABR's commitment to quality, to the original research brief and to finding the answers is remarkable."
Frans Van Zon Former Vice President Marketing & Development, TTI Floorcare

"I grew up on the supplier side of the tracks and spent 10 years collecting my own data. Now I’m a client and a pretty demanding one, so not just anyone can satisfy my expectations. ABR always does.

ABR is responsible and time-sensitive. So when it’s crunch time, they deliver. But when there’s time to spare, they say, “what if?” That leads to great thinking.

Rod is a strategic thinker with a creative, problem-solving approach. He brings tons of experience to every project, so you always get solid thinking and theory. But he also brings curiosity and great instincts. It’s quite a powerful combination.

When ABR is handling a project for me I know that...

  • The thinking behind the survey design and data collection will be solid.
  • The respondents will be the right people.
  • The data will be high quality and it will be clean.
  • The tables and write-up will be easily understandable.
  • The analysis will be insightful and executed against the objectives of the research.

When I work with ABR I know I’ll walk away with the information that my clients and I need. We’ll have actionable findings that will either lead us to an answer or guide us to dig deeper."

Barb Walker Senior Brand Planner, DONER

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