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Truthfully, there are any number of market research companies who do the same thing, with varying degrees of success. But there is a difference when working with ABR. We understand

We understand that entrusting your company's information needs to a market research partner requires a pretty big leap of faith ... you can't know how a project is going to turn out until it's all over and the results are in your hand. Which is why ABR goes to great lengths to earn and keep your trust. Ask any one of the 65+ clients we've worked with over and over again why they keep coming to us. What you'll likely hear is ‘it's a trust thing'.

We understand that sometimes you want to work closely throughout the project, consulting with us at every turn and sometimes you want to just hand it off and not have to worry about it. And we can accommodate you by working at whatever level of involvement you are most comfortable with.

We understand that you may not know the specifics of what you need to find out—at least not yet. At ABR, we love to talk through your business requirements in order to tease out your information needs and, ultimately, your research objectives.

We understand that you are not always the end-user of the data. In fact, frequently it is up to you to share that data within your company in ways that can spur strategic action or inform business decisions. So we are experienced in getting your data into presentation-ready form so you can hit the ground running.

We understand that it's not really about data points or numbers but about how the findings are relevant to your business decisions. At the end of the day, you need to know what to make of the results and how to take action. We tailor our results so that your need to act is paramount.

We understand that you have pressures on you as well—whether they are in the form of time or budgetary constraints or even political sensitivities. ABR always designs and implements research projects within the practical limitations of your situation.

We understand that no matter how sophisticated and complex the research is, it needs to be transformed into its simplest, most elegant form in order for it to effectively inform decision makers. If the data is not easy to understand, it's not useful.

Our clients know from experience that ABR will get the answers to their research questions, and to do so when and how they need it. If you are interested in learning how ABR can help you get what you need, when you need it, please click here.